My New Best Friend

Our Second Lunch Date
When I woke this morning, I decided I would visit my new best friend again today at lunch. After 6:30 Mass and before I went to the office, I headed to Walmart and purchased a bag of carrots. After all, it was to be a lunch date so food seemed appropriate. My Bing search confirmed my suspicion that carrots, one of my favorites, is a suitable food choice for a deer. At lunch, I headed to my spot in the woods. I parked and unloaded my camera gear and the Walmart bag of treats. Seconds later, my friend came running. Obviously he is no stranger to Walmart bags. Carrots were an excellent choice. One quick sniff of the orange carrot and he began munching away. He devoured almost the whole bag of carrots before I had to say my sad goodbye some 30 minutes later. While I was there, he had other visitors as well that brought chicken feed for him to munch on. I get the feeling that he is well fed. Even though he always seems to be eating anything green he can find, he seems to also enjoy the company of strangers and welcomes any visitors bearing food or empty handed.

It was a bit overcast but I was still pleased with some of the shots I made.

Enjoy and have a most blessed weekend.














Shot A Deer

Lunch With A Deer
I went to one of my favorite spots in the forest at lunch. I could tell when I parked that it would be a fruitless journey but I slung my knapsack containing my Nikon over my shoulder anyhow. I walked thru the mostly dead foliage, hopeful that when spring and summer arrived the flowers, butterflies and birds will return. I was almost back to my car when I heard a rustling in the dead branches. I froze. Something I have become good at … rabbit? … snake? … gator?… worse ??? Much to my surprise it was a young deer. This was the closest I had been to a wild deer and I didn't dare move. I just soaked in the beauty. Moments passed and I debated wether I should try to slip the backpack off my shoulder and pull my camera out or just enjoy the moment. Obviously, I opted for the latter and when the deer didn't seem to mind me invading his linch, I began taking making his photograph. A family arrived that was searching for the deer. It turns out this deer is a local celebrity. He is especially fond of children. The deer ran to the children and they began petting him. Wow, I was amazed! I too pet the deer before I left. He was just too sweet.

This is a hunting area so, sadly, he will most likely meet with a bullet at some point. I believe this is the best way to "Shoot" a deer… yes, I get the whole thin the population thing… so, don't lecture me. I do understand that. But to shoot a photograph of a deer is a better way of sharing it with others.



Hour of Prayer

Ready To Pray

My prayer buddy…